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Pod workouts are unique to Afit athletic

 focus on developing strength and cardiovascular fitness

utilise both machines such as bikes, rowers and ski ergs, combined with kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls and more

The pods will help to shed body fat, increase your fitness and guarantee a solid workout

Mix up your total conditioning sessions with pods for maximum results!


Our A-Fit lift sessions give you the option to work on lifting heavy weights, in a safe and friendly environment

Ever wanted to do squats, but been intimidated by other gym users?
Unsure of how to do deadlifts safely?
Lower back issues when lifting weights?

Our coaches take a tremendous amount of time and care with each member, to ensure they’re confidently executing lifts with good form and technique.

Alongside this, you will learn how to write and track a weights session using progressive overload principles.

Total Conditioning

Total conditioning is a 45 min strength and conditioning session designed to push you.

Our instructor will demonstrate all exercises, and answer any questions you have during the session.

These sessions are a fantastic introduction to functional fitness if you new to the gym, and a great option for more advanced trainees if you really want to work hard and push the pace!

Bring water.

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