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Head Coach

It’s my belief that achieving your fitness goals, regardless of what they are, can only be achieved through making changes that motivate you. If you hate your training sessions and/or your diet leaves you miserable because you’re told all of the food you like is ‘bad for you’ then you’ll eventually get to a point where it’s no longer sustainable and you will fail. I’ve experienced this firsthand.

That’s not to say that it will be easy. It won’t. Hard work is still a necessity to achieving your goals, it’s just much more likely you’ll put in that effort if before each session, you’re excited to go and train, whilst also being able to fit things you enjoy into your diet.

That’s what I hope we achieve in all of the sessions we put on; well structured and enjoyable training that’s also challenging enough to illicit positive change in your physical and mental health, as well as offering sound dietary and training knowledge. Finally, I aim to provide coaching that encourages you to continually grow and improve, both here in your training at A-Fit Athletic, and in your day to day life.